Someday I might Know My Heart

I went to costco on Saturday! It's a bit meh. Well it was until I went into the cushion/candy section. And you all know I am pretty damn childish. There were big fluffy animals that had pillows in them that you could take out and omgsh they were so cute. There was a moose! And a dog with blue ears! And a triceratops :3 I randomly started remembering that time in Kindy when I was obsessed with Dinosaurs and read almost every dinosaur book that was in the library. If only I remembered that information, it was really interesting :/ ANYWAY, COSTCO! Man, I have a habit of going off on a tangent... O_O So yes, in the pile of cushions there was a picture book full of nursery rhymes with a mini paino type thing underneath with colour coded keys. You know the type? Yeah well, I spent about 10 minutes playing them all :D And I swear, that was way more enjoyable than it should have been for a 16 year old...
In other news, today Diem asked me to sing for Prefect Induction. I was pleasantly surprised cause I haven't sang in public since last year's disaster :P (On my part not Mariel's). But let's not recall the specifics. Well, my mic wasn't working anyway so forgotten lyrics probably went unnoticed. I hope so anyway. Oh hey, there's some self contradiction right there. Oh well. Anyway, I kinda want to kinda don't. I don't want to do it on my own but I think Mariel is already doing something? And I really want to see/hear The Middle be performed cause it reminds me of year ten camp and it sorta fits in with the theme? :P SO maybe, if I find someone, I will (hint hint). 
Also, today it came to my attention that we only have 2-3 days (depending on how many days after exams you'll be attending school) of proper year 11 left because exams don't count as proper year 11. Then BAM! Year 12! THAT, mdear freaks me out. Very much so. Also, I bought a dress for informal online. And I'm so so so scared that it will look different when it arrives and I won't like it or it won't look good on me or that it won't fit and oh my gosh this is the girliest I've ever seen myself :O So like, I'm gna go now and stop being weird. But before I do I shall say:

I miss:
  • junior school
  • primary school
  • no school 
  • people, mainly you, the four of you, me and you, you the second and other you
  • not having social obligations.. oh wait they've always been there, I just never cared.
  • simpler days


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