Bad Sushi and British Accents

Today was sooo much fun!! I went to Parra with Mel, Avi, Gau, Mariel, Rakshitha, George, Cohen, Kin Mun, Nazmus, Jenny, Anh, Andy, Allen, Kabhi, Bhavna, Manisay, Lisa, Nicholas, Danica H, Anne and i THINK that's everyone. If i left you out Im sorry :S and yeah. We were going to meet at glenfield at 10 but me, mel, avi and gau came at 9:15 just to hang around for a bit and we walked to the park and me and mel went high on Green Cordial O_O we went CRAZY!!! it was fun though. Then Lisa texts me and says to meet at Granville because the trains arent running because of trackwork. So the people who were at Glenfield station at 10 went by bus to Granville.
Omgsh sometimes the bus rides are so much funner than the actual trip. We were SOOO loud I think we pissed the other passengers off. Oops...Halfway to Granville, LIsa texts again and says to just meet at parra but no one was listengin to me. They were busy wreaking havoc on the bus.
Anyway when we get to Parra avi or someone was like "let's meet lisa" but half the guys saw that there was food around so we just sat there and ate. we DID meet up with lisa though...eventually. and LOL@NICHOLAS he had to go shopping with Lisa, Anne and Danica looking for a particular wallte. ahha what a whipped guy :P Yeah that's right nicholas you are WHIPPED! We all went to Valley girl after that because Lisa needed to buy a dress or something but Nicholas was really hugnry so me and Allen went with him to buy food and we saw courtney and Nathan in year eight. I did NOT know they were related! Amazing that is! well yeah, he and Allen bought sushi and on the way up, they both started feeling sick so LOL@THEM but I had sushi from tehre earlier and I didnt feel sick at all O_o weird. I had some of Nihcolas' Salmon and avacado sushi. its terrible. I hate raw salmon.
We went back up to valleygirl and then they were liek "oh lets go and eat". So nicholas was like ohmigosh the way he does....and Lisa and some people went a bit ahead and the rest of us were really slow and lost sight of them so we didnt know wich way they went so instead of LOOKING for them, we just stood at the top of the escalator talking. So me and nicholas were like 'lets go down they might have gone tehre" so we do but Lisa and stuff were nowhere to be seen so he said that we should go bacj up so we do. then the OTHERS were nowhere to be seen. So me and Nicholas were lost for a bit i suggested that he call them but NO he was full like "nah we'll use my awesome navigations to find them". His "awesome navigation skills" took us up two floors around in a big circle (he demands it was a pentagon) and back own one floor. THATS when he finally decided to call them and they were upstairs! stupid nicholas thinks he's all that =="
But it was only ANh, Danica and Anne up there so we went walking around for a bit together and ANNE made me taste durian pancake. its DISGUSTING!!!
Then Nicholas was being all dog so i didnt talk to him for a while and we went and bought icecream :9 and eventually met up with everyone else. By that time everyone was full tired and we went home pretty soon after that. And apparently Avi, Andy and Cohen had a KFC Variety bucket between the three of them. What fatties:P
The bus ride home, me and George were putting on all these random accents and we have established that his English accent is more modrn day and mine is more of the "ye olde England" thing going on because apparently mine is too "fancy"


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