A Quest For Talent!

Okay. There is NOTHING noteworthy about today OTHER than talent Quest. It was good (Y)
...Minus the technical difficulties. There were quite a few year nine acts like 7 or 8 i think? Troy and his band were pretty good but according to Alex, they stuffed it up. I didn't hear it properly because I was too busy freaking out about us being next. We went alright I guess:P But the curtains kept opening then closing cause Thai was "missing" then we realised he was starting off piano - like we said he would LOL. Such losties:P Grace forgot the lyrcis at one point but she was REALLLLLLY good. And Thai's amp kept going on and off O_o and I don't think he was ready for the bridge which I DIDN'T KNOW!! So i had to like...improvise? Maybe I shouldn't have said that but OH WELL!
Next was Aldrich playing guitar and singing and all I can say: Aldrich you are such a cute/sweet guy! Leonard was next and he was doing some golf tricks. I think nerves got to a lot of people today cause apparently Leonard was doing well when he was practising in the boarding school. But the "catch the ball in pants" thing didn't work out too well. Next act HAD to be a winner man :P Vanessa sharpening pencils (H) LOL erm i cant remember the order after this but I know that Yukti performed a dance. She's pretty good. and the music people got the track number wrong:P Then I think it was Jenny and Danica? Man I love their voices together! They are so prooooo!
After them was me (again :S) with Mariel, Lisa and Bhavna. I am SO happy with that. You wouldn't be able to gues that we did that VERY last minute as in period three last minute. What? What are you talking about period 3? huh? It went really well though. It's all because of the good luck charms (H) That sounds really weird if you have no idea what I'm talking about. I was wearing something from each of my "brothers" while I was dancing. Thai's armband, Kabir's elephant necklace and Nicholas' bracelet. Man I love you guys<3 anyway...at first, I was standing on the side of the stage (and might I add that Mariel is really good at getting the crowd started) full nervous but when the music started and we walked on the stage, it was just REALLY fun ! I would so do that again! I was so happy with the result. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!
Carissa and Anna perfomed afterwards too but I think they were like, a last-minute thing. Lisa ran up and gave Carissa a hug which I was supposed to join her in but I didn't cause I chickened out :S Yeah...sorry about that Lisa! You seemed fine (Y). Yeah after that was a bludge and, like I said, nothing noteworthy. So off I go!

edit: Rohan and Heidi performed some...dance(?) or other before..Jenny and Danica I think?


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