I feel so cut off from the world :P My mum and grandma went Philippines so the house is so quiet and I feel so antisocial D: Have not gone out with friends since... oh gosh I do not even remember :P Parra with George, Lisa and Mariel. All the things I've gone to these holidays have been with little groups. Except for Sushi choo. That was good :D
Anywaaay, three days (not including today) until school. yay ! I need to get out of the house D: I'm excited to see everyone again, I'm just hoping the fun of seeing friends again cancels out the increased workload.. Doubt it. POSITIVE THOUGHTS YES?
I just finished watching NCIS Season 2 and I hate how Kate died so... abruptly. Too sudden to be sad methinks. Oh well, they had to get rid of her I guess.
Ooooh my sister is cooking >=]
Well this has been an incredibly scattered and unstructured post, Until next time kids !


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