Because Holly has no Cbox...

I will tell you here instead, I had that picture of Sean Biggerstaff on my diary last year or the year before! Along with many other attractive celebrities :) I was trying to upload it only to realise that I deleted it yesterday thinking to myself "I'm never going to need this again". Nice timing... Oh why must you mock me, time? Anywho... LOOK! Pretty lyrics !

Time together isn't ever quite enough
When we're apart what ever are you thinking of?
What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
So darling tell me do you wish we'd fall in love?

I've been thinking of changing my mind
It never stays the same for so long
But of all the things I know for sure
You're the only certain one

You are the one I want.
You are the one I want.

When the years are showing on my face
And my strongest days are gone
When my heart and flesh depart this place
From a life that sung your song

You'll still be the one I want
You'll still be the one I want.


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