Having Conversations with the thoughts in my heads

Cause we're on opposite ends
of a fast moving carousel
Try to catch me now.

Today was a pretty good day I guess. Basketball grrr Casula people are... haters :P I mean, Lisa was reffing fairly enough why hate on her for huh? Every Tuesday, I do half the homework because of sport but then, come Wednesday and I'm too tired to do it. Why do I always put myself through that? :P
I broke my necklace last night. I was very very sad. Actually.. not really. I dno I was at the time. I guess. But I care less than I should :P Well, I care but I'm not as sad as I should be. It's weird. I always thought that if I lost that necklace, I'd bawl my eyes out cause like.. my sister gave that to me when I was younger and I have never taken it off. And we all know how much I love my sister ! But it's been dying slowly so I guess it was kinda expected. But yes.. that happened. Fun fact of the day for you guys...
I need to write essay plans for English. No I am not that pro, I'm just that lazy :P Too much effort to write entire essays. I just need to remember quotes.. Which i never do so I BS it and fail. laaaaaaaaaame


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