I have a hand and I think it wants to hold yours

I don't know if I mentioned this in any of my previous blog posts and I can't be bothered checking, but in case I haven't, I gave up candy and desserts for 40 days cause of Lent. I am going to crack soon. But I mustn't. I won't. I CAN DO THIS!
Anyway.. Today, maths was so fun. Weird coming from me I know but seriously. We had Mr. engineering man whose name I cannot spell. Haracic? Or something.. :P Anyway, yeah, we had him. Which means bluuuuuudge lesson. Seriously just had a massive class conversation. I love how our class is so small and relaxed :) Most of us were all gathered in the back corner with the few people who weren't shouting bits of conversation every now and then. Twas fun. We discovered Harry can do the circular breathing thing required to play a didgeridoo. He tried teaching us but we had no idea what he was telling us to do...
Also, I am going to Greece and France. Seriously need to go to the Louvre to see the Winged Victory of Sangorshgeth... Miss showed us today and it's sooooo pretty! I'm so jealous of Clement. He's actually seen it! D: And I need to go to Greece and visit the Acropolis museum. Putting it on the bucket list.
Man, my mum just got an iphone 4 and she called me away from the computer to help her with the wifi and facebook stuff and on the way back, every second step, my ankle cracked. It's a pleasant noise. But seriously ! D:


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