I wonder if people will notice

In terms of that short story, I managed to get 14 for it. I'm not even being annoyingly modest when I say I think Kristy marked it easy. Joseph and Henry were reading it and thought it was confusing and messy. So yeah... :P
In other news, today was so uneventful and boring. And I think I have a whole stack of legal homework but I forgot it... Must ask Avi later. alsooooo, if anyone has little cousins or siblings that are losing teeth... let me know. Damn that sounds creepy. I'm not even kidding though. Please let me know if you're willing to give them up :P
Now to end on a less creepy note, [intermission]. That took a while to think of a new topic. Anyway, while desperately searching for a new topic, this is the best I could come up with: THe lady at Mr Ko got my noodle wrong and they're the thin rice noodles not the fat ones. ITS SO BAD! not happy Jan!


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