My head is saying no but my heart keeps giving in

I love Harry Shum Jr. He's so cute and he's such a mad dancer. I'm following his tumblr. At least I hope it's actually his. But you can never be too sure as Mariel pointed out. But until I find evidence saying otherwise, I'm going to pretend it's his so I can feel like I'm all in on his life.. yeah I'm cool 8-) Anyway, I hardly ever get stuff from his tumblr on my dashboard so I assumed he hardly blogged so I decided to go on his actual tumblr and lo and behold there is stuff! New layout too I see... ehe . [/stalker]
Now on to topics that will make me seem more normal... I woke up and I don't know what the hell I was doing in my sleep, but my finger really hurt. This was yesterday and every time I push down on my nail (which is oh so often..) it hurts even more... Stop pushing it then Kyleen. Oh wow, "topics that will make me seem more normal". Noice.
Look! A distraction! It amuses me how often that works on Thai :P


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