So far I have written just over half of my essay plan. For just one of the questions. Yay to progress... Honestly, I should have just written entire essays because the only thing missing from the essay points are a few 'the's 'this's and 'and's. Chuck a few of them in and you have coherent sentences that answer the question. grrr. But I will get there. I have to. I pinky promised !
So earlier my sister told me to turn the music off cause my dad was sleeping in the next room.. I didn't have any music on O_O Also, the itunes on my pc is all my sister's music and when I listen to music, I put it on shuffle and seriously, some of the songs are terrible. It annoys me to hear them. It makes me wonder what was going through the artists head when they decided to repeat the same thing over and over again with almost identical beats and words to the next song. Wait no, that's a lie. Not the same words cause you can barely understand them half the time. I sound like an old person :P Point is, enough with the annoying noises you call music and the words that repeat again and again throughout the entire song and come up with actual lyrics. Grr.. I've made a habit of growling lately. It's a tad weird...

LOL I looked up bad music on weheartit.com... so many pictures concenring Justin Bieber popped up :P


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