A Sea Anemone Bit Me!

No. Not really. But stepping over rock platforms that are slightly wet and slippery, you'd think I would fall and break a bone or something cause I am that unco. I think Avi, Kabir and Thai were concerned for my safety... But no, I was doing fine and dandy until Kenny showed me an anemone and told me to touch it. So I did. It felt funny and because I can't think of a word to describe it, let's just say it bit me. Which made me freak out and step back and trip and scratch myself on a rock. Pretty damn heroic if I may say so myself (H) Obviously sarcasm and if you didn't pick it up, I forgive you only cause the internet does not have a sarcastic font.
At one point, a bunch of us went exploring and we saw cool stuff. Kenny fed more anemones more snails. I swear that kid is out to kill them all. He picked up a sea snail and the body fell out of it's shell! (They were rocks but we thought it was the body at first ok?) aaaargh I can hear someone going into my room! -insert call waiting music- Now where was I? Henry and Avi got stuck on a rock. Ehe . The tide came in after they went on it and they wre cut off from the other rocks. That amused me.

Also, sea squirts are cool.

I've gone back to my napping habits. It's my new form of procrastination because I can't eat anything sweet until Lent is over so that takes away snacking...


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