Sigh at you

Right now I have mixed feelings of guilt, stress, tiredness and regret. Guilt cause I wasn't there when Lisa fainted D: Seriously, WHERE WAS I MAN?? Stress cause of English that I haven't even STARTED revising for (my fault I know). Tiredness and regret cause of the basketball game; too lazy too early man :P Ah well. I still have Wednesday sport to make. Yes, I can only do well in a basketball game when I'm versing people half my size and are in year 8. Height advantage (Y) But apparently the team we versed today was mainly year 8s? WTH MAN THEY WERE HUGE!
Anyway, onto less depressing topics. Ok my mind is not in a place to think happy thoughts :P I'm kidding. But hm. Yes. Nothing much else to say. Sorry for wasting your time for the past two lines. I will stop rambling. Soon. But this post looks awfully short and it would be a pity to leave it there. Seriously. Why are you still reading up to here? I'm a very bored child. As you can tell. Ok. Seriously done. Bye now


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