So much basketball..

So while thinking of what to blog about, I went over the usual day to day recount to see if anything noteworthy happened./ And I realised so much of my time lately has been basketball related.
  • Wednesday last week; basketball sport and basketball training for Zone
  • Thursday last week; Tryouts for basketball knockouts
  • Monday; Three games for zone
  • Today; Normal Wednesday sport, spectating boys knockout game and round 2 of knockout tryouts... he he knockout tryouts sounds funny :P
Ok, while that may seem normal to some people, I AM NOT USED TO SO MUCH PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! It's only lately (yeah took me a while I know...) to realise how unfit I am. I mean, I knew that. Just not to this extent :P But daaaaaamn I get too tired too easily.
Anywho, Art excursion this Friday yaaay ! I want scones. To make or to buy? Making is more fun and tastes better but buying involves less botheration. Woah the word 'botheration' has no red squiggly line under it.. weird.
One more thing before I go, it really bugs me when people interfere unnecessarily. I mean SERIOUSLY, I'M PRETTY SURE I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING! Helpful advice is one thing, complete direction is another more annoying thing....


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