Well this is annoying

Every time I blog, I think.. what was I going to say? Then when I'm done and away from the computer I'm like OH THATS WHAT I WAS MEANT TO WRITE! Dont worry there's always next time. But I forget again. Go me... As you can probably tell, that's what just happened. To counter that, here's a few facts about my life lately
  1. I have a new phone. Not really. It's my mum's old phone. But it's better than my motorola so yay. But boo cause I don't really like it. And you know what sucks? My mum has an iPhone 4. She hates it and wants her old phone back. I have her old phone and I hate it and I want the iphone 4. But we can't swap cause the iphone is locked. I do NOT want her number or sim. It's a tragic romance =(
  2. People are over and I swear, every time someone comes over after a while and they see me, they say one or more of three things: "Wow you're so tall now.", "You look like your sister" or "Do you have a boyfriend now?" Seriously...?
  3. Went to liverpool markets and Justice Crew is going to be there next Saturday ! I admit, I've said for a while that I'm not their biggest fan. But after watching the documentary of them that Aldrich gave me last year, their personalities are so damn cute! I love Solo, Eman, John and Lenny !!
  4. We got our new texts for English and you know that bit where you write your name and it has a list of all the previous borrowers? Mine has one other person. In 1996. How old is that book man? It was dusty! But that's not the important bit. Who was this person of 11r2 that borrowed Tess of the D'ubervilles in 1996? Kate Ritchie.
I feel cool...


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