and her eyes darted back and forth

I really really really really really really really dislike this weather. I've been enjoying the cold for ages now and this random burst of warmth is annoying. And the moody weather is making my skin funky. Not really. Just my lips but it's annoying! And every time my lips go slightly red my mum thinks it's an allergy and wants to rush me to the hospital. Constant vigilance! As Moody would say. I don't know how that relates to anything but the phrase just came to mind.
I packed for camp today. Yes, it's early. I know. I wasn't planning to pack until Monday night. And even that seemed early for me but it was necessary because I'm busy Tuesday night! But yeah, I packed today. My mum asked if I had things for camp. Like.. one by one and I wasn't sure about half of them so she was like "show me" So I was like... why don't I just pack now? Most of my stuff is there anyway. Yeah.. that's my story. While I was packing, I realised how many of my belongings are purple. I have three pairs of purple socks... Different shades of course :P Cool story bro... Shut up, I'm interesting XP
I think I might delete my other blog. It takes too much effort to keep two blogs going consistently. And I don't think many people are going to read it. Stats say I have readers from Germany though. That's cool :P But yeah, I dnooooo. I'll see how it goes for the next few weeks or days and see if I'm bothered to keep it going.


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