Casting a glance across the foam covered walls

So I'm listening to Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat while reading Anne's blog. And for those of you who know the song, you'll know that there's a definite beat at the beginning. The dancing/jumping potato/rock thing on Anne's blog was bopping in time to the beat of it. It amused me.
Anyway, today was a terrible start to normal lessons. Actually art was pretty good. That's about it :P We're currently doing academic drawings and we had to draw hands. And no one likes drawing hands. It's difficult and annoying to get the proportions right. I remember when I was younger, I used to always draw hands behind my person's back because I couldn't draw them. Do you think I'm going to start now??? Danicap and her table were just mucking around and drew mad cartoons :P They're so cool xD
Also, I noticed, I have so much school pride. Liek, I always knew I loved Hurlstone but yesterday when I was getting my allergy test, waiting for me to react to the drops of.. stuff she put on my arm, the nurse asked me what school I went to. When I said Hurlstone, she was like "Oh Hurlstone Ag?" and there are so many times that things like that happen. Our school has so much recognition and I remember once, I forgot what the situation was, but a man asked me the same question and his response when I said Hurlstone was "Oh yeah, I signed the petition against selling the farm. It's a terrible thing to do to such a school" Or something. And just remembering all the moments strangers have given positive comments when I mention my school makes me oh so proud. Ok, enough with the cheesiness.
Let's go back to the allergy test. Yes this is a messy post that is not in chronological order. Deal with it. Yesterday, I had to have an allergy test and a lung function test. Forget lung function test cause nothing interesting happened. But damn, I've had an allergy test before but this time was worse. It was so itchy and the arm with all the grass and pollen samples was red and bumpy and itchy and you can't scratch and it's so difficult >< So turns out, grass allergy has gotten worse. Peanut allergy has gotten worse and I am now also apparently allergic to cockroaches? LOL That amuses me... Tragic, no more picking up cockroaches :P Cause you know... I totally don't have a phobia of cockroaches... 8)
So, the point of that allergy test was to find out why I was sent to hospital three times cause of an allergy when previous results say I'm not that allergic to anything. What was established? I'm allergic to peanuts more than before and that caused it. *three slow claps* I ALREADY KNEW THAT! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND $300+. But then again, what else could I have expected? Unless I accidentally ate grass.. But somehow I doubt Pho 76 accidentally puts grass in their pho...


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