It threw her off balance in the harshest way possible

Dear Vincent,
Technology likes me again. I clicked, I stalked, I hypothesized. Just thought you'd like to know

The best kept secrets are sometimes the ones that should never be secrets. I don't really know what that's based on. But it sounds right. Aren't I good at justifications? And now we know why my essay was so badly marked... ehe . I should stop complaining about that. Anyway, congratulate me all, I studied. For more than an hour! I think. I didn't actually time it. But it felt like more than an hour and if it wasn't boo you, Time ! XP
The Middle by Jimmy Eat World is such a mood booster :) It is my happy song. Yeah. That's right Thai and Nathan. My happy song is a confidence booster. Take that for musical differences XP Hmm.. 1.5 paragraphs into this post tells me that it's going to be very random and badly formatted. Deal with it.
Seeing all the HP7 P2 gifs on tumblr make me really excited to see the movie. Must go first day again with biiiiig group. Twas fun last time around :D And I refuse to be disturbed by the random words of the randoms around us. Or any other such disruptions :P They were funny though. I had to admit. Ignorance. It amuses me.
I just cleaned out the blogs I followed. You know, unfollowing blogs that don't blog and whatnot. I love the feeling of deleting unnecessary things. Damn that sounds harsh :P You guys know what I mean though right?
Omgsh, I just heard a noise at the front of my house but I see nothing ! Paranoiaaaa !
Ok I should stop rambling and procrastinating now. Bye for now


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