Her toes began to tingle

First of all, Thank you Thai for giving me your laptop for today ! Sorry for not returning the charger... my bad aaaaaaaaand turns out she didn't even check it ==' Also, while on the topic of english extension, congrats Danicap, Carmen and Ngoc for the awesome marks! And everyone else who was on the celebration wall. I don't know why, but the fact that I did really bad isn't bothering me. I looked at it, sulked and put it away and didn't even cry about it after. I did worse in English than I did in maths and after I got my maths mark back, I was all I HATE PEOPLE! But now, I dno, I'm just... here. Not caring. And I have no idea why. Eh, well, if/when the time comes that it hits me and I burst into tears, I shall take my own advice and remember the subjects I did well in and remember its prelims. And no one cares about prelims. YOU MEAN NOTHING TO ME >.>
On another completely unrelated note, sport tomorrow! Tryouts? Or what? Well whatever it is, I don't know if I want to do netball. I might do dance. For fun. Depends who else does it. And what kind of dance it is. Cause apparently last year, it was terrible. Mariel and Amy said it was really really bad/boring. Don't remember their exact wording. POINT IS IT'S NOT WORTH IT so I'll see.
After camp, I still haven't settled back into school and the work and stuff so I'm going back to my work habits from last year where I do no homework until recess/lunch/morning/period before it's due. It's bad. I was beginning to be so proud of myself for actually doing my work and it's disappearing! It's not allowed to disappear D: Ok, being on blogger while writing all that is probably not a good example of me trying to be studious.
OH! And another thing on English extension story thing. Miss Skolar made my paper smell like smoke >.> aaaaaaand, she's stupid. There was a bit in my story where the girl goes crazy and starts licking the blood off her finger and the description is something like 'licking at her wounds' and the comment attached to this was "this implies she was licking herself". Err... yeah, that's kinda what I was getting at O_O One misunderstanding fair enough. Even if it was, in my opinion, a relatively explicit description but then there was another bit in my story where she's alone in a corridor thing and she raises her hand. I don't remember what the hand was doing but it's not important for what I'm about to say. POINT IS MY CHARACTER WAS RAISING HER HAND. And I worded it like "lifting her hand to her face" or something and the teachers comment was "Whose hand?" WHOSE FREAKING HAND DO YOU THINK? THERE'S ONLY ONE PERSON THERE! WHO ELSE COULD IT BE?! IT'S THE VOICES IN HER HEAD. YEAH, THAT'S PLAUSIBLE. THE VOICES THAT HAVE NO BODIES ARE LIFTING THEIR NON EXISTENT HANDS! YEAH THAT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE. GOSH WOMAN


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