It hurt too much for her to explain how she felt or what she thought

So the day I actually wanted to blog, blogger fails me. So to compensate, TRIPLE POST *pulls out wolverine claws* even though two out of three of those posts are surveys that get really boring to read so you guys probably won't read it. Once again, I have completely forgotten what I had wanted to say. It's been two days people, as if I remember what I was thinking back then...
Today was crap. Terrible. Preposterous. I'm running out of synonyms. Yes I know there's a whole lot of words I could use but whatever ! Maths is mean. Chem is mean. Everything is mean :'( WHATEVER ! I'M OVER IT. That's a lie... But yes, I shall stop complaining. BUT MISS JACKSON SCREAMED MY MARK OUT TO THE ENTIRE CLASS! WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT? I was doing such a good job at hiding it :( BOOO ok. No I am not over it. And I am not going to stop complaining. But I'll take a break for now so you kids don't have to put up with it. Basically self esteem has gone lower D: Which is tragic considering where it was before :P Ehe .
On another completely unrelated topic, I love Joel. He's so cool! I barely talk to him but he's so nice to me and he gives such nice hugs! Ngaw :3 And I love Ukel and Georgie. Teehee They make me smile :P Avi and Kabir are probably a couple of the most important people to me right now. Obviously not the only ones. But you know, I'd like to surround myself with more people like these please. I'm in a very lovey mood right now. Kind of. Well I choose to be. Hating is bad. And since there are still things to love, why not be happy yeah? Oh damn that's deep... Not really. THAT WAS PATHETIC! Ok, enough talking to myself :P But seriously, people make me happy!

Don't worry.
They're taking really
good care of me .


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