Living each day perceived as a lunatic.

One of the worst feelings one can experience is hugging someone who doesn't hug back. Yeah, you know who you are >.>
So today was the semi finals for basketball and year 11s last basketball game. Heartbreaking I know... :P But seriously! I'm so annoyed that we have camp when we have finals >< I really wanted to verse mac fields again D: We don't even have a full team for next week. Four people! Gah. Ah well, I have faith in them :D Versing Casula is always fun. Today, the amount of times they swore was crazy. Brace face. Really? I mean seriously? You're going to be that immature. SOme girl fouled me and she didn't know how it counted as a foul so when soemone explained she was all "Well I don't give a f*ck". Ok... We don't care if you care, point is you fouled so there XP Don't I sound mean... OH WELL!
Also, I was talking to Joanne and found out something really interesting. Okay, so you know the Geography RAP we had to do last year? Yeah, well I did really bad like.. 10 or something out of 15 (I don't remember exactly) and I was all boohoo, I suck blahblahblah over it . But theeeeen, apparently, Mr Gippel showed his year ten class my RAP and was like "This would have been worth a 14" WTH MAN! I know it was a year ago but COME ON! SOME CONSISTENCY PLEASE? GRRRR Whatever. I hate geo anyway so it doesn't matter anyway. Hmph .
On another note, I went McDonalds for a mango frappe after school today and I saw the guy that I met on the train the day I went city in the holidays! Not sure if I blogged about that. Okay, quick check says I didn't. Basically, some time in the holidays I went city with Avi and Mellim and met some random guy on the train who seemed pretty cool and he served me today ! Kind of awkward but meh :P It was cool ^^


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