On a particularly Bright day

Today was perfect running weather. Cold but not excruciatingly so. Not too Windy with sun that doesn't hurt your eyes. Which makes today a perfect day for Cross Country. I wish I ran. Not seriously of course. But if I did that, I'd have been lonely cause everyone else from our grade was running seriously. Booooo ! That's two years in a row I haven't Cross Country-ed :P Ah well, today was fun anyway.
Like the cool kid I am, I went to school on a day I had no exams. Cause I have no life. It's sad I know. I studied in the library for a bit. Well, I helped Mariel study for art. Although, I think I distracted her more than anything. Halfway through the dayish, Avi, Monica, Thai and I went walking around trying to find a cool teacher's class to crash. WE COULDN'T FIND ANY! WHERE WAS THE SCHOOL MAN? We ended up hanging out in the dance studio cause Mr Lynch was in there and was about to supervise an exam. I love the freedom we get during exam period :) It's cool. Mr Lynch gave us chocolate :D Avi and Monica were playing dressups with the costumes in the dance studio BAHAHAHAHA Must upload that photo... :P Thai and I just jammed on the piano/guitar. Calvin and Mariel joined us eventually and I just geetared with maimai for a while. It's been a while since I last did it. I miss it :P MAI MAI WE SHOULD JAM MORE PLEASE.
Also, my mum bought pineapple and I'm addicted. I cut it up and I think I ate more often than I put something in the bowl... oops 8-)


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