The pure white of the room was blinding her

They cut the tree down in front of my house. I miss it. I mean, it's not like I played with it as a child or anything. I never really had any interaction with that tree. Except for that time when I was younger and I decided to water the grass with a watering can and thought the tree looked thirsty so I went to give it water only to see a dead lizard lying there. Like a big dead lizard. It freaked me out. And I never did the gardening again. Anyway, the day where it was super windy and rainy and whatever, one of the branches fell off and another was hanging very precariously on a splinter so my mum called the council because it was a tree they planted and they got rid of it! Our front lawn looks so different without it...
In other news, Miss Davis was talking about English Exam and she said that half of them were marked and we'd be getting them back on Monday. Her comment was "some of you will be pleased with your mark, others of you will be disappointed. Very very disappointed". Yeah.. not daunting at all. Thanks for that miss. Makes me NOT freak out.. Art was fun today though. Inked the etching I did. With the first one, the top half was just right but the bottom was too dark. The second was, the bottom half was good but the halo, JUST the halo was too light. So now I have to do it again. Booooo I'm such a fail art student =( Mrs Coombes was talking about us in year twelve and our body of works and who would be the freaker outerers and who would be the hiders. Personally, I think I'd be both. I already hide from Mrs Coombes when I do stuff because I'm so uncreative D: I don't want to drop art because I love it. But I don't think I'm good enough to do well in it yknow? So maaaaybe. Or I might keep it and let it be the subject I fail cause if I keep it, I'll have 13 units so 3 extra units to spare (Y) yay :P
HCF was pretty good today. First time I've been there in ages and Mr Rawson brought his Geetar and sang :D
Omgsh, my mum just asked me if I put her name down for that thing I'm going to at UNSW on Tuesday but when I asked her if she wanted to go she said she would get bored so I just put my dad >< I FEEL BAD NOW ! tgerhigesgnrtsersth


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