She knew would come soon enough

Camp was disappointing. People who were with me at athletics carnival and in the morning of camp would have known just how very pumped I was. But it was so bad! Well, the free time was fun and abseiling was good and I love the people. But we could have the same amount of fun not on an Island that forces a group of 20 or so kids to talk about relationships and drugs... awkward much? But yeah, we barely had any free time and I think that was the highlight of the camp. As well as cabin talks :D Now, I'm not going to go into a blow by blow account of the three days because a majority of you guys were there. But I have one question, what the heck was I paying for?
Maybe I'm just being a princess about it but I'm pretty sure many people would agree with me when I say the camp was boring. One activity. Out of the whole three days, we did one activity. The rest was all DON'T DO DRUGS! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ADDICTION? WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIPS DO WE HAVE? It was so boring! We've heard that talk so many times ==' And the lady was so uptight, I mean cut us some slack, it's our last freaking camp and you're all SHUT UP GUYS STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT CLEANING ALL THE DISHES AND SWEEPING AND MOPPING YOUR FLOORS/BATHROOMS AND DOING ALL THIS OTHER STUFF RAHRAHRAH A lot of people have said they didn't really like our activity group. Personally, I liked the people in it. I just didn't like what we had to do in them. I think if that same group did actual activities, it would have been awesome. But NO! It was all talk, no action XP
Origin was pretty good... not going to say anything about specific events cause it makes me sad :P But whatever! It was fun watching it with most of the grade. I got really sleepy by the end of it though. I'm amazed that I was able to stay up so late in the cabin. But then again, the conversation was interesting. Had a mad DnM with Annag, Amy, Lisa, Mariel, Monica and Paulinna for a while with people leaving every now and then to go to sleep until it was 3am and only Paulinna, Lisa and I were left and we were all closing our eyes more often than not. :P
Second day, abseiling and free time were fun. First time talking to Chris/Robert the fifth. Twas fun. I love bush walking and walking up hills/mountains. I feel so accomplished at the end. Even though I'm like dragging myself on all fours by the end, it's fun! But I think the second hike up for the last morning's camp fire thing was a lot more difficult than the abseiling one. It was wet and slippery :/ The trivia night from the second night made my voice sound manly and croaky the next morning and now it sounds funny. And it sounds husky when I try to sing... which can only be an improvement compared to before :P


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