She stepped out of her fabric cocoon

I've tried reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles so many times without falling asleep but it never works. And as much as I love sleeping, I hate when I nap because I can't sleep that night. Ah well, life goes on. Today was pretty good. We got our legal marks back and I guess I'm happy with it... Whateverrrr
Oh my gosh I totally forgot what I was going to say in this blog post. Aren't I clever? I'm so excited for camp. Or so I say. I dno, I mean it when I say it but then after I say it, my mind is like "Oh really?^o)" Which makes me confused all over again. It sounds like fun. 22 people in a cabin sounds fun but chaotic and I'm guessing we're not going to be sleeping much :P Oh well, may as well make the most of it. I was talking to Mel about it earlier. And we're so bad ass. Taking shots at camp... of gubblebum cordial. Yeah.. we're rebel like that. And yes. Gubblebum. Not Bubblegum. I love cottees. They amuse me. But yes, cordial + 22 people in a cabin + night time = max hyperactivity. Ok, I am excited all over again and I refuse to listen to the little voice saying OH REALLY? The only thing that I'm a bit iffy about is the activities. If the theme of this camp is drugs and alcohol and stuff, what kind of activities will we do? The way I imagine it, it's going to be like a three day long pe lesson. But according to lynch, it's all team building activities. Which should be good. I loved our group last year and I hope this year is just as good if not better. But it'll be hard to top Damacro ;D Just saying.. :P
Oh and I separated all the mushy love stuff from this blog because Henry was complaining :P Nah, he only complained once but I'm guessing not many people actually want to read it. So yes, they're on another blog so never fear, this blog no longer has any mushy love stuff. On the off chance that you do like it, let me know in the cbox and I shall give you the link.


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