She woke up dreading the day ahead

Indeed. I knew nothing for bio this morning but as I read the exam, it looks like it would have been easy if I studied. Which I did. But all the wrong things. I'm mad like that... WHAT WAS THAT THING IN THE MEMBRANE THAT HAS A CHANNEL THINGY? CAUSE I WROTE INTEGRAL GLYCOPROTEIN WHICH WASN'T THE SAME THING BUT I HAD NOTHING TO ELSE GO ON SO I WROTE IT DOWN ANYWAY! Oh well. It's over. It's all over. No more exams ! :D yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Eurgh, I just got out of the shower and my face is really dry and my lip is itchy :/ Fun fact of the day for you kids...
I'm kind of looking forward Wednesday. Normal lessons and whatnot. I need to check if we have english that day because if we do, I need to make sure I've finished that checklist miss gave us for the holidays. I THINK I've done it all except the other essay. Speaking of essays, I still need to English Extension essay... I'll get to that. But yes, Wednesday when I can see everyone normally and on a regular basis. Except I'll miss the freedom of exams. And seeing who you want when you want where you want in between exams. Oh and the fact that we're versing Mac Fields on WEdnesday takes away the appeal. You know what? I'l just take it back NO I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO WEDNESDAY ! D: Well that was an abrupt change in mind now wasn't it... DEAL WITH IT.
My mum or sister or someone updated the internet browser and it's all new and weird looking. And the tabs are in a weird place. I'm not used to it. But the fonts are prettier. Like, the default fonts for stuff. Eh, I'll get used to it eventually. For now though, I shall just sook in a corner over the fact that it's different. Cause after just over two years of blogging, we all know Kyleen doesn't like change. And yes, I just spoke in third person.
Alsooooo, I just checked the actual age of my blog and my first post was May 2 2009. woaaaah It just turned two years old! :3 I'm surprised that I've had that much to say. Actually, no I'm not. I talk a lot and those of you unfortunate enough to experience it first hand would know it. Very very well :P So in a long post that says absolutely nothing, we have established that I do not like change and yet my opinion changes quickly. Contradicting personality traits much? It was like Nathan and I established earlier. I'm the extreeeemes ! I'm either really motherly or really childish. Of course, when he said that, I was being an airplane so he probably had a reason to say that... ehe .


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