Waiting for the push

Eurgh, I don't know why but my eyes are all itchy and my nose is sniffly. I blame my dog. I'm a girl who is allergic to dogs but is too stubborn to not have one. I make sense. In other news, I still need to buy cordial for camp and I don't know when I'm going to have a chance because I am going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon and then on Tuesday I have plans after school. I'll figure it out. Can not let the cabin down! :O Speaking of camp, I was reading some of the blogs from Sefton and it seems so brief D: Ah well, better make the most of it then.
Also, my stats tell me that I get a substantial amount of views from the US. Which either means a regular reader or just a large amount of people who happen to come across this blog. And Latvia too. I find that cool. I want an international follower! Like Lisa's blog has people from Portugal following her! I think that's cool :P But then, considering the content of my blog, I'm not actually surprised that my followers are only from our school :P I have a very narrow target audience... That is all.


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