The door swung into the blinding white space

I have been so tired for the past two or three days. And I know the tiredness is incomparable to the fatigue of the PE camp people, but still. I'm tired. I got home today and almost instantly fell asleep until 6. And I'm sleepy now. It's 9:30! How strange. But yes, all the assessments i care about are over. Screw maths. Maths can go die in a hole. I probably angered a looot of people out there :P TOO BAD
Man, we have to hand in our laptops for updates, which doesn't really phase me cause my laptop's dying. If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean but my hard drive is stuffed up and it isn't getting read on my laptop and then the taskbar freezes and boooooo! So yeah, I don't know how I'm going to back up my files. I'll probably buy another hard drive. If I go out before Thursday :S I'm going Oliver tomorrow! Yaaaaaaay ! I'm so annoyed though. There's not one performance where everyone is performing at the same time. Damn the alternating roles D: Ah well, I'll see Monica and Vronca tomorrow. Oh and Clement. All dolled up ;D
Oh crap my phone won't turn off. Which is strange because usually the problem is that they won't turn on... Weird. But I'm scared if I manage to turn it off, then it won't turn back on . But I have to turn it off or I might get texted by optus saying I ran out of credit AND I LIKE MY SLEEP THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Yeah... it's optus that keeps me up at night. I'm so lonely :P I have like.. $200+ worth of credit to burn before the end of tomorrow... Probably a bit less now because I called Avi earlier. But I don't know what to do with it. My first thought was OH I CAN JUST SPAM PEOPLE WITH TEXTS! But I have unlimited free text so that doesn't work... <---(First world problem...)


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