Forming a tangle of limbs

Not a happy chappy atm. Just got back from interviews and my parents are happy. I love Mrs/Miss Jackson :D and Mr Lynch :D They said really nice things. And Jackson told my parents that "the three boys Kyleen works with, they're a really good group who are always helping each other and that cooperation is really important at this stage because it helps you gain a better understanding. And even though they're constantly picking on Nick - one of the boys - they all contribute ideas and it's really good to see" it made me ngaw :P I love Chem. The subject, class and mini group there. Avi, Nick, Vincent and me. Usually us bagging out Nick but hey... we work well together apparently ;D And se said something about Vincent doing the picking ehe . Love her :P
Wow that was such a shift in.. mood? Tone? One or both of them. Going from not being a happy chappy to talking about my love for chem and Jackson :P Oh I am weird... But yes, back to that. I failed maths. Seriously. I read through the paper and was really pleased with myself cause I knew how to do most of the questions but I spent so long on the first question cause I did tan instead of cos and didn't realise the whole exact valueness of it D: So yeah, missed out on the last few questions so that's like... 8 marks gone. And I'm sure I got  a few wrong here and there so boo!
And Mrs Davis didn't give us our speech marks back but in the interviews, she showed me my rank. Which has dropped significantly and I'm so nwriosgneoves cause I was really happy with my rank before! and more than anything, I feel like I disappointed miss cause after the speeches she was like "I'm expecting an A from you >.>" NO PRESSURE MISS! And today after she spoke to my parents she was like "Kyleen's going to be my Band 6 student" DO YOU NOT LEARN WOMAN? YOU'VE SAID SOMETHING LIKE THAT BEFORE EVERY ASSESSMENT TASK AND I'VE DONE AVERAGE IN ALL OF THEM! I'M FLATTERED BY THE FAITH BUT GAH! PRESSUREEEEEEE


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