Fumbling for keys to an unlocked door

I know I said I wouldn't talk about assessments anymore but considering I went against my own word in the same post that I said I wouldn't, I believe it to be void. SO yes, Chemistry! At first, I had five pages and everyone else had like 251464135138641 so I decided to extend mine a bit and it is now 7 pages! That's only cause I added the subheadings to each dot point and wrote more stuff here and there. Weird thing is, I barely added anything and yet I gained two extra pages... strange. Maybe it's cause it's a new page per section. whateverrrr Now I am stress free! Oh wait no, I have legal. Boooooooo! I am so very stuck on Legal. I keep writing heaps of stuff only to realise it's heaps of irrelevant stuff that's more of a report on genetic profiling than an essay on individual rights. So yeah, I'm screwed.
Also, why is everyone deleting their cboxes? D: I can't comment on blogs. Like Nathan's. His 6 degrees of separation thing. WHY DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO ME? I said that before but no one cared =( Reminds me of that time a bunch of us went city in 2010 and they were lost and I had a rough idea of where we were and said which way we should be going but no one listened to me. They didn't hear me and disregard what I said. They looked at me and kept talking as if I didn't say anything! Which, is probably usually a smart thing to do. I generally have no idea where I am or what I'm doing or even what i'm saying. So my sense of direction is terrible. BUT I WAS RIGHT THIS TIME AND ALL THE CREDIT WENT TO THAI CAUSE HE SAID IT WHEN PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTENED! D:
Enough about me whining about things that happened a year ago, today was pretty fun. Chem was.. interesting :P and I dno, I just remember laughing a lot and according to Jarred, my facial expression changes every two seconds. Now I am very self conscious when I talk in front of him cause he keeps laughing. Oh well, I'll pretend he's laughing at my awesome jokes not my frequently changing face yeah? I'm so cool... 8-)


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