A human figure in the most inhumane arrangement

Toffee apples are the best movie snack ever. I had my first toffee apple at Oliver! not including the actual first time I had it cause I dropped it after a few licks and refused to eat it again no matter how clean my mum said it would be after washing it with water and really, a few licks of a toffee apple doesn't count as eating it because you're just licking toffee. No apple. So yes, I count my first toffee apple eating experience as being on Friday at Oliver! Perfect movie snack. Cause usually you finish all your drinks/food during the previews before the actual movie even starts but toffee apples last aaaages :D I'm craving them now. 
Today feels like it went so fast. It's already four ! But then, maybe because I woke up late. I watched Alice in wonderland earlier today :D On video. Cause I'm old school like that. I'm not sure how popular this version is. It's not the Disney one, or the Tim Burton one (Obviously because that wouldn't be on video...) or the one with the yellow dress and brown hair. Come to think of it, I don't even know if that last one is that popular. A lot of people I've talked to about Alice in Wonderland are more familiar with the Disney version or the Tim Burton remake. But I think the one I watched today is my favourite. Which is strange because I've only watched the entire thing once aaaaages ago. Every other time I've watched it is on this video. Which was recorded off channel 9 and the first chunk is missing.I don't even meet the worm with the hookah ! But I like it :) Her dress is orange and she has really.. fake looking blonde hair :P And it's very prim and proper. To an extent. I don't really know how to explain it but it's old. and the effects are.. interesting to say the least But I love it! 
There's a bit in Alice in Wonderland where she enters the Queen of Hearts' garden where the cards are painting white roses red but she hasn't seen them yet so she prances around dancing and spinning. And her dress looks really pretty because it twirls heaps. And yeah. It's purrrrrty :D But seriously, you walk into a strange garden that's deserted. In a  place where nothing makes sense and a jabbawockey is trying to eat you and the first thing you do upon entering a garden that's in the middle of the woods is to dance with yourself...? Strange instincts. I never liked Alice. In any of the films. She gets a tad annoying.Ehe . Hypocritical much? :P


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