Panic was replaced by geniune fear as she was pushed forward

So the reailty of assessment week has finally hit. Randomly, while sitting in livo. I realised I HAVE ONE AND A HALF WEEKS UNTIL ASSESSMENTS! And yeah, now I'm panicking. BUT I'M NOT IN THE MOOD TO DO WORK RIGHT NOW! Cause you know... there's a mood for work. There actually is. Rarely. But I have experienced it every now and then.
I have also come to the conclusion that my sister and I can never live alone together. She's clean, I'm messy (shock horror!). She thinks ahead and organises stuff I'm just.. meh. We'd get on each others nerves methinks. I figured that out today because my parents are in Melbourne! They left this morning. Which was perfect because we got reports yesterday and I managed to make a game plan! woah my hands are numb and it's difficult to type D: Anyway, game plan; Ask to go out Friday after school, wait a few hours, give report when we're about to sleep, run away and lock myself in my room and don't see them for four days. It seemed like a good idea only, when I thought my mum was going to sleep, she came back out :S and then went to show my dad. So that's that plan gone but it's ok. She wasn't angry.I thought she'd eat me cause of my maths + english extension mark. But she was so nice about it! She said she didn't mind if I wanted to drop extension english because it's unnecessary stress and a piece of paper doesn't determine your future when it's only halfway through year 11. and yeah :D I'm a happy chappy.
On another note, sport today was painfully cold. We just played random games at minto and the wind hurt! And a minute into the first game, I tripped over Liza and was out for the rest of the time because I skinned both my knees and my hand. Avi and I match now! :D Oh and you know when it's really cold, pain seems to double? Yeah well, every time the wind blew, it stung like craaaaaazy and it wouldn't stop bleeding until there was like.. five minutes before we had to go and I was like meh... no point playing now. But yes, thank you Danielle for taking care of me :P You're so cute! And Annag, Chung, Simon Banh and Vanessa for the bandaids.
One more thing before I stop boring you with my ramblings, 1 hour and ten minute long art lesso nand all I did was the outline of my drawing. It's a very...accurate(?) outline but I am so damn slow D: But I am really proud of that :P Because usually, proportion is not my friend and I'm just glad this one turned out well :)


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