Quicker they came as a blood curdling shriek ripped through the air

I've realised with almost every one of my speeches, and even blog posts, I've started with 'So'. Which is a tad strange. But whatever, I can't think of any other way to start it. Also, an idea just occurred to me. Wouldn't a really easy way to speak colloquially yet informatively to a year 11 audience about a book and why it's good etcetc be through a blog? Just let the words floooooooooooooooooow. Something my speech apparently lacks :P But yeah, a lot of people's blog posts have elements of themselves in them and they are all trying to say something so I was thinking, if I just wrote a long ass blog post on Tess of the D'Urbervilles and turned it into a speech, would that work? Don't worry.I won't bore you guys with the importance of symbolism and stuff. It was just an interesting thought. I might experiment on that one day :P
In other news, my throat hurts from the countless times I've read my english speech. Loljk I'm no tthat studious. Although, I am rather proud of myself. For the past... four or so days, I have been doing my work everyday and sleeping early and designating times for guitar, reading and work and I haven't been on msn and yes, my self control has increased. Which surprises me actually cause I probably have the least willpower out. So hey, let me have my glory this time !
It's the weekend once again and I only just realised how damn close chem was D: Nooooooooo ! I really really want to do well in Chem cause most of my half yearly mistakes were just really silly. Omgsh why are all my blogs lately about assessment tasks and stuff? It makes for a boring read. After assessment week, I promise I'll stop! Or, after this post, no more >=[ Also, I was looking through old blog posts and saw my one and only 'Let Your Mind Wander' post from last year which was a remake of one of the art challenges. The one where you had to sit and write anything and everything that comes to mind for half an hour and 1) some weird stuff happens in my head and 2) I'm thinking of doing that next time I feel like blogging but have nothing interesting to say. On the off chance that actually happens...


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