Revealing a horrifying image in the room

Seriously, what is with the Rivers ads? They're horrible! And boring and bleh. Makes me not like rivers... well aren't I a judgmental cow. In other news, I tried to do some practise questions for maths earlier today but my head started hurting so I stopped. I need my hard drive to start working again or I won't be able to back up my files before I hand in my laptop D: Either that or I buy a new one. Except my sister's all "Don't do that, the hard drive can be fixed" which it probably can but no one ever does things so it wouldn't be fixed until years from now when like.. my mum needed it or something, if at all. Cause no one cares about Kyleen XP
I was eating really hot soup earlier today in a plastic bowl and the bottom of the bowl started melting.. uh oh paskettio. Le mama isn't gna be happy O_O Speaking of my mum, she is kicking me off the computer. I am thoroughly insulted by the fact that she saw me blogging and thought it was tumblr. Nothing against tumblr. But I don't even write there!
Also, firngetjgvnjufdvkndfgivohf  people annoy me STFU AND LEAVE ME ALONE
Oh hey I'm back. I really need to stop snacking. I eat when I'm bored. Which would be fine if I was snacking on carrot sticks or something but since when did anyone do that? So yeah, I should attend to that... Also, Happy Birthday to my little brother :D I would write a really long birthday blog post to you but I don't think you read my blog so even an acknowledgement is going wasted cause you don't even see it. Boo ! Well on the off chance you do read this, thanks for supplying me with endless laughs and always being good company. Love you lots little brother!
Oliver yesterday was pretty good. Catherine's (spell check?) voice was so amazing. Like wow. I was just sitting there kind of drifting because I was really tired and then she starts singing and Avi and I just exchange looks and wow away while she sings. Actually, that entire scene was awesome. Amanda and Bella's sister was singing too. And they all have such nice voices! And the girl who played Dodger was really cute :P Twas awesome. Wish I could have seen Holly, Danielle and stuff perform :/ Booooo ! Also Avi and I estabilshed; I am the master of awkwardness.(Obviously not intentionally...)


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