The sound of foosteps echoing off the white walls

It's been a week since I last posted an actual blog post rather than just a survey. It's not that I have run out things to blog about... cause really, when does Kyleen ever not have something to say? I've actualy had things I wanted to blog about the past few days, I just hate my computer. It's so slow and takes ages to turn on and to start everything up and my internet browser keeps not responding and it's just really annoying. Seriously, I was planning to quickly blog at 6:30 just so my readers know that I'm still alive and then guitar until 8:30 and read until I sleep. BUT NO! The survey I just posted took two hours to finish because my computer is so damn slow and annoying. I usually only go on computer when it's already on. So like.. after my mum finishes checking her facebook. But considering she's been in Melbourne, the computer has remained off. 
So anyway, what has happened in Kyleen's life for the past week? I finished Chem on Friday and I was so proud of myself for being so productive. Until I realised how much depth I was missing... D: Must fix that. But I DID manage to adequately finish my English speech yesterday and tbh, I think I'm taking a risk here because my speech is like.. 4:27 if I speak fast. I should probably cut bits out... So that's two of my assessments out of the way and since Legal due date changed to Thursday, I have time to procrastinate >=]
Also, telemarketers keep calling my house and it's really annoying. One of them was giving me directions on my computer, saying he was a windows technician or something and was like "You're computer is corrupt! Enter this number sequence into this site so we can let our technician fix it for you and spend $8465416541365 on virus protection!" Which seemed rather dodgy, so I googled the site they were leading me to and turns out it was a scam... So I was like "Yeah hold up" and just left the phone lying on the table for a while to see how long they'd actually wait. They were still there when I decided to check so I hung up on them. They called back. So yeah.. double hang up for them. My life is so interesting 8)


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