The white panel of a door grew larger with every step

Hi all, I promised I wouldn't speak of assessments after yesterday's post and I'm trying so hard to stick to my word. I can do this! I went to Liverpool today with my sister and mum to buy work clothes or something. And I swear, I can not understand how they can spend so damn long in Target and Myer. I really don't like department stores. I don't know why. Nothing against the products, but the atmosphere is not to my liking. Which is strange because up until recently, I had no problem with them. I think it's because of that time I heard Friday playing in one of them. And, to me, it's always really stuffy in those stores and I get all tired and thirsty which makes me moody and not in the mood to shop. Not that I'm ever in the mood to shop. But I can deal with it usually. 
I've been listening to the music Rafi gave me recently. And I love Paramore. And Owl City's lyrics are so weird. Kinda lame but catchy in a way I guess. They're the kind of lyrics that sounds really stupid when you say them but, coupled with the tune, stay in your head for days on end. That's the case for me anyway. So, while I'm reciting my English speech to my dining table without palm cards, in between words when I'm trying to remember what comes next, I hear If the green left the grass on the other side, I would make like a tree and leave.Silly lyrics. I know. But I don't know! I like his songs. SOme of them are really.. creative :P For lack of a better word.. Come on, one of his songs is about a shark in a sink and a bear reading textbooks or something... I quite like that song actually, Plant life. Go listen to it. It's good to listen to when you want to get creative. My sister always listens to Owl City when she's drawing. Don't really know why. I personally don't think so. But eh. People are different :P 
Also, the people I trust, I've come to realise, are a very.. strange handful of people. Not that I'm saying they're strange or anything. Nor am I saying that there are any negative adjectives I could associate with them. But some of the people I tell a lot of things to, I'm not actually that close to them. Hm, bad word choice.I am close to them, just not as close as others who I tell almost nothing to. I find that strange. Or does that just mean that my perception of who I'm close to is flawed and should be rearranged to fit the level of trust I have in them? But is trust a measure of closeness? Aaaah Confusing concepts that hurt my head. I'm going to stop writing gibberish now. Just thought you'd all like a little snapshot of what goes on in Kyleen's mind. Why do I keep writing in third person? It's weird. But hm. Ok :P I guess that's kind of expected. OK ENOUGH OF THIS! BYE ALL THIS HAS UNINTENTIONALLY BECOME A LET YOUR MIND WANDER THING! OH WELL I HOPE THIS MAKES FOR AN INTERESTING READ !


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