And yet, not a day went by when the image didn't haunt her

I have decided to do another blog like the one I did not too long ago where I don't edit the things I write and just write continuously without stopping. Everything and anything that comes to mind. No skimming over thoughts. Just plain, raw thoughts. Yes, it is a tad dangerous, considering the places my mind visits. But hey, I have nothing else to blog cause my life is boring. Of course, one of the things that come with a mind-wandering blog is that there is absolutely no structure to the post. Just a collection of thoughts and mental ramblings. Kinda like my gothic story according to Miss Skola. Some things should be left censored. However, this is a raw thoughts post so no censoring. I promise :) I am a sucker for winks. That is probably not the first time I've revealed that to the general public but it popped into my head. A montage of people winking. Not really. More like the same person winking. But no one who reads my blog would know who that person is. Or you might. But yes, that image reminded me that I like winks :) Depending on the type of wink. Of course, if it's sleazy and creepy then run for your life. But when it's cute and.. cheeky, I find it incredibly adorable. I don't know when/how I'm going to finish this post. When it begins to get boring I guess? Which was probably what..? 4 lines ago. maybe earlier. Ehe . I hate when things don't go the way you want them to do but I guess that's all part of the growing up process. Realising that there are things beyond your control and that sometimes you need to accept you don't know people well enough to plan such things. It's just... disappointing. Some things are best left alone. A pleasant note to end it all. But no. People, well people like me, get greedy. And want more. Try to get more but then end up ruining what could have been a pleasant encounter that ended on a good note. See, this is what happens when I write raw thoughts. I don't make sense and everyone is probably staring at the screen trying to read between the lines, giving names or faces to what they assume I am censoring. But like I said, no censoring. This is actually the form my thoughts take. Disjointed ideas that only make sense to me cause I know what they refer to. There is no need for me to explain context to myself (woo english!) so it's just a lot of theys/shes/hes with no actual names. That must be incredibly frustrating to read. I apologise. But hey, if you're still reading up to here, my mind must be interesting enough right? :P I can't stop thinking about recurring images. Mainly from work and it's really frustrating cause they have no relevance. It's like.. oh popcorn yay. Oh look, snow mug cool. Oh red seats of Acer Arena... greaaat. And then my mind delves into a detailed exploration of that particular time of my life and it's sad cause the friendships are so brief. I don't like the concept of temporary friends. But they exist. Which sucks. But at the same time, there's something...enchanting about it. Be whoever. Do whatever (obviously within reason:P) and not worry about flawed long term perceptions because you won't see them again! Until next year if they decide to work again by which time they'll probably forget about it all because honestly, they have better things to occupy their mind with. But I guess that's the case with many seemingly long term friendships. Childhood friendships, primary school and dare I say High School? Maybe they're just as temporary...The only concern with that is ending on a good note cause the worst thing is looking back at it all and think 'Damn, I could have been better. Done more. Made more effort. Even if it was a temporary friendship, why waste it by being creepy/mean/rude/someothernegativeadjective?" Know what I mean? So I guess I don't want to be looking back and asking myself (regretfully) is this the way it ends?


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