It had been years

So when I first signed into blogger, I was in the  mood to rant but after reading other peole's blogs, I am all good now (y) oh the things other peoples lives do to me... not creepy at all. 
So anyway.... Today is my only day off for the duration of my 6 day job and it was a freaking waste. I was hoping I'd be able to go to Luke's but NO! My parents are like.. I don't even know what they said. THey didn't give me a direct answer which is more irritating than a straight out no. ANYWAY, yeah so I am currently working at Disney on Ice selling popcorn and it is tiring carrying around a giant pole of popcorn up and down stairs of acer arena and stuff. It's also frustrating when you are given $50 of change and the first person that buys off you pays with a fifty. Then a second person comes with a fifty. I hate turning people down! I feel so bad! During the intermission, we had to sell again and on my way out, a couple were like "DO YOU HAVE CHANGE FOR $100?" And in my head I was like... seriously? You're going to pay for $15 popcorn with a $100 bill? They're lucky that Luis gave me change earlier and that they were my last sale. And they were British, so I forgave them :D 
Also, have not done any work at all these holidays except a few parts of my art drawing. Haven't finished it though. You can barely see any progress which sucks but gnriferjsgvkdfngt I DONT WANNA! I haven't started bio, I cbb doing English  and no way am I even going to attempt catching up on maths. So yeah, in conclusion, people with big notes suck, I wasted my final day off and I have yet to find an opening where I can watch Harry Potter D:


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