The look of horror etched upon the patient's face

First day of holidays and I spent a large part of it in bed or sitting or lazing around. I played wii for the first time in ages. Zeldaaaa ! :D But it glitched cause the spinny thing won't spin where it's meant to spin so I can't unlock the door. And if you're thinking "Maybe that's not what you're meant to be doing", I already thought that. So I tried for ages trying to find another way cause I thought I was wrong but there's seriously nothing else I can do. And the hole looks like all the other grooves the spinny thing usually fits into but it doesn't. This was months ago by the way. When I tried everything. Someone sent me a walk through and everything! I think it was Colin. Or Joseph. One of them, point is, the walk through said I was right XP SO THERE! So yeah, I gave up trying to look for something else and turned the wii on today, with the intention of starting all over again, only to realise that I already had a new slot. Convenient. I know it's the first one i made and that I abandoned it for a reason but I forgot what that reason was... Well if I find something wrong with it, I'll start a new one.
Why I'm acting like I have so much time on my hands, I have no idea. But I played for like.. two hours before I started feeling dizzy. Yeah, I get motion sickness from playing Zelda. That's kinda sad isn't it.. ENOUGH ABOUT ZELDA! I started reading Lolita last night/today and it's pretty good. If pretty good is  the kind of adjective you can associate with a book about a pedo looking at 'nymphets' and his attraction towards girls between the ages of 9 and 17 (I think). It's in first person so when he so much as sees a nymphet, you hear exactly what he's thinking. Which is pretty disturbing but it's interesting.
I have moments where I forget about my phone cause I'm doing something else. Like earlier today when I was playing wii, I got a text and I was thinking "yep I'll answer it in a sec" But the game gets too interesting and I completely forget about it. So yes, I should check that....


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