Mouth hung open wit ha ghost of a scream

Sorry for the 3 day delay in post... I got a life. No, I'm just sick. Well I was for a day. Actually, I've been sick since the last day of school but not sick sick until yesterday. And by sick sick I mean in bed sick but enough about that...
Grrrr My mum's out. My dad's out with her. My sister's out. And I am home with my grandma. But she'll be watching tv all night so I'm practically home alone. I'm so freaking lonely! And it's origin night! AND I'M GOING TO BE WATCHING THAT ALONE TOO! I was meant to be going Avi's house to watch origin but NO! Apparently the day after you're sick, no matter how fine you seem to be, YOU STILL NEED A FREAKING REST DAY! It's ridiculous and the thought of it makes my insides writhe with annoyance. BUT I WANNA GOOOOO! And oh my freaking gosh my phone won't shut the hell up. I hate my motorola. The memory is so freaking low and it can only hold like... 80ish messages before it says to delete messages. Which isn't too bad. But it juts keeps ringing and ringing to tell me the same message is being updated and I'm like I KNOW ITS BEING UPDATED STOP TELLING ME 48645645524 TIMES I DONT CARE! 
I am calm. Composed. Breathing. Clearly :) My parents went to my cousins house to give them tables... which is a bit weird but I'm hoping they don't stay there long cause I heard them say they wanted to go out again afterwards and that between my cousins house and their outing, they come back home so I can re-ask them if I can go to Avi's house. Time to come up with a game plan! Yes. Game plan. Cause that's what asking for permission has become.


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