FINALLY! AFTER 5 MONTHS AND 63 POSTS SOMEONE OTHER THAN COLIN HAS FIGURED IT OUT! Good Job Israaq, I shall give you a cookie :) Good timing really, I was beginning to get worried because I had no idea what I was going to write next. Maybe that's why I always put off blogging... interesting... I should probably explain what I'm talking about now. Read my titles please kids. They continue from each other and have been doing so for a while now :)
So today I presented my English extension seminar and it was pretty fun. And Joseph; I did end up winging it and it turned out so much better. I brought the transcript up with me and put it on the table next to my laptop but I didn't look at it. I glanced at it once cause I thought I should but then I got muddled up so I'm like.. meh I'll just keep winging it. It's doing me good anyway. I spoke for 7 minutes 10 seconds apparently? My bad :S But I seriously don't even remember half the things I said or if they even made sense.. Maybe this is why people shouldn't wing assessment tasks... I love our offline class though. So much personality :D Nikkida set up tea lights and Tory had a cape and mad Dracula accent :P Twas good. Wendy was.. well she's Wendy.By default that means awesome public speaker and Lisa was creative with the tea candles :) Except she blew two candles out instead of one.. Genius kid! 
For some reason miss only scheduled 6 of us to go today? Not really complaining cause we were able to leave early which is always good :) And I was wondering why she did that and then I heard her say "Today I'm only getting a few of you up and then Miss Skola and I will set a benchmark". Now the last time Miss Schultz said they 'work out a bench mark' she said they picked a few students' work, and said what would be an A range response, what would be a B etcetc. So now I'm wondering what range they expected me to be in. Cause I doubt any of the other people will be Ds or Es and my Half Yearly result would probably suggest that I'd do pretty bad in this assessment too! I SEE HOW IT IS! I hope they're wrong :( Or maybe I'm just looking into this waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Ah well. You'll live. I hope.
Also, I am pumped for:
  2. Variety Night
  3. Country Fair
  4. City
  5. Informal
But I am not pumped for:
  1. Art painting due soon
  2. Art drawing due soon
  3. Art presentation due soon
  4. Chem assessment next Tuesday
  5. Year 12


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