My Sister is the Best

I was just texting my Singapore sister. Nothing really noteworthy happened. But I just love her :P She's so awesome and she still cares from miles and miles away (yes I know we're in Australia but miles and miles has more of a ring to it than kilometers and kilometres don't you think?) And I still go to her for comfort and stuff. It's nice :) Also, my body is annoying me. So very much. Not the way some of you might think. BUt like.. I'VE BEEN SICK THREE TIMES IN A MONTH! EACH TIME ALMOST LASTING A WEEK! I MEAN COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK PLEASE! I probably ranted about being sick in a previous post but whatever my blog my rules XP
Oh my gosh, I just went on Holly's blog and watched the Harry Potter video and it made me cry more than I thought it would. I always say that about Harry Potter videos. I should probably change my expectations... But it's so amazing and itbg ngirjhtn ijrthn j Holly finds such good Harry Potter videos :3 OK I'M GOOD!
In other news, today was a closed weekend and we finisehd at 2. Yesterday, Lisa was like OH WE'RE GOING TO PRACTISE TOMORROW YEAH?! AND THEN DOESN'T SHOW UP! But it's okay cause she was sick and health comes first :P I'm rather stressed about that though cause we only have a week left and we haven't practised all week and yeah.. NAH WE GOT THIS! Espoir :D omgsh the name of our group fits so much right now :') 
Paramore songs are playing in my head atm. Not complaining cause they're good songs, I just don't know why. I haven't heard them in so long. And I don't know all of it so all I hear is so what did you think I would say? No you can't run away no you can't run away.Over and over again. Not quite the motivational line to have in your head :P This weekend shall be a weekend of productivity! also, I'm proud of myself for finishing art in time. That is all.


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