Painted a diffent picture.

Okay, I will stop posting videos of me. I'm sorry:P I just got very bored and the feedback was relatively positive so I decided to keep going. But I think I'll stop now. I'll probably keep it going on my youtube channel but I won't post it on my blog.. Yeah :D 
So in art, we're doing an academic study or something and we have to paint the way they used to paint with the whole layer by layer approach and stuff. It's fun. But I hate how there's no way to get rid of paint. Like if you're drawing, you have a rubber. But today, I was painting the outline of my portrait and I made the line too curvy and I was like HOW DO I UNDO PAINT? Life should have a ctrl + z function. Yeah, that's how reliant I've become on computers. Kinda sad really... Anyway, back to describing my painting, the first layer is meant to be a black and white tonal layer and I swear, my oen looks like she got strangled. Cause her neck is covered in shadows but I did it funny so it looks like she got strangled. And punched in both eyes. I am a fail art student :( Then you look over at Koshila's and it's a freaking work of art in the 20 minutes she's been working on it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I think my dad missed the Harry Potter wand yesterday from the newspaper and I'm so sad! I wanted Harry's cause it was the only normal looking one. Which is weird of me. To want a normal one yknow. But I DON'T WANT VOLDEMORT'S BONE WAND (lol...) OR THE LUMPY ONE! I WANT THE NORMAL ONE :( Yes I'm being a brat about this. I really like it okay? D: So like.. mature stuff... um.. I can't actually think of anything. Wow, way to prove your point Kyleen. Oh great now I'm talking to myself. Talking? Writing? Close enough. I should stop now... Bye guys :P


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