She walked into the dining room

I should really start blogging regularly again. My stats are going down which means people are losing interest! Booooooo But I have nothing to say. That's a lie. My computer is just too slow fo rme to ever be bothered turning on. But I will try to start blogging regularly again! I promise :) 
Man, I don't know what's wrong with me, I just can't htink of what to write about. Which is strange cause usually I have to cut down what I write cause it's too long. But now I'm struggling to find words to fill up the space.  Oh, I have a question! Who's going informal? I seriously have no idea how many people are going. Like, not even a rough number. I was thinking about having a plus one. Obviously not a guy cause that would be weird but a family friend of mine that a few people I talk to want to meet. It would be cool :D SPeaking of informal, how important were the receipts...? Cause I kinda turned mine into a chatterbox and threw it away :$ When I asked Angela she said it should be okay. But I'm a tad nervous now. YOu guys know me. I'm a cautious person :/
On another note, Variety night is kinda close. Not the night. THe audition. And I'm beginning to question how we'll be able to do it in time. BUT I DO BELIEVE IN DESTINY THAT YOU AND I WERE MEANT TO BE! And by Destiny I mean us. And by us I mean Espoir. Yeah.. that dance group no one knows about :P *sigh*
My sisters friends are over. WHich means KYLEEN DO THIS KYLEEN DO THAT KYLEEN ROLL OVER AND DROOL CAUSE NOW YOU'RE MY SLAAAAAAAAAAAVE! And I can't talk back or whatever cause it would be poor form to act irrationally in front of her friends. So I shall hide out in my room or in the computer room like a cave man, emerging only to get food and drink :D Maybe not even that. I could always hunt ;D
...Shut Up I'm Cool.


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