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oh wow I'm blogging mid week. How long has it been since I've done that? :O I am currently drowning in work and assessments. I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that but you can't expect me to remember everything I mention on here! Anyway, yeah. Legal speeches for our class started today and the other class came in cause Miss Fox was away and didn't leave work for her class. Which made it slighlt more nerve wracking. Not that I presented today but yknow, throughout the period, there was a possibility I'd be called upon (not really, Mr Lynch was calling people up in order of the Roll). 
In other news that makes a little bit more sense (lol) sport tomorrow! I'm beginning to enjoy netball again :D Didn't see that one coming... But I love playing GS with Anne :D It's so much fun! Sad thing is, GS is the ONLY position I can play. I've tried GK and GA and I failed. Miserably. With GK, I keep obstructing and whatnot and with GA, I get too lazy cause I'm given more space to run in. Ah well, I like being GS which is weird cause in basketball I can't shoot. I just feel bad cause Monica likes GS too and I feel like I'm hogging the position :S Our team has like 1544365 people and by 1544365 I mean 13 But that's like 2-3 more than normal! Okay, maybe not THAT much more but you get my point!
I really want more books but I can't find them in book stores. Especially since Borders closed down. I want to read the five people you meet in heaven! Or whatever that book's called... But I Can't find it anywhere! D: I tried buying a book of Amazon today only to realise I don't have a credit card to buy it with and I'm too scared to ask my parents. BUT I WANT IT! (once again, I'm being a sook. Got a problem?) 
Ooh! Today there was a cupcake stall and I hate when they have those cause it's right next to where I am at lunch/recess and I buy too much. Holly's cupcakes were amazing. And they were rainbow! HOW COULD I TURN THAT DOWN? And there were brownies and jelly and and and I HAVE A SWEET TOOTH OKAY? By the like.. lunchtime when I went back, Kitty was like "Back again Kyleen? :P" DON'T JUDGE ME! :'( Oh and I would like to applaud Holly. You actually managed to bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles .


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