Birthday Dinner the Second

So I decided to split the last post up because it was a bit long and the end of one day sounded like too much of a conclusion for me to want to reopen it, if you know what I mean. So yesterday we had a not-so surprise birthday dinner for my sister at Rashay's. The dinner itself was pretty... average. Well, the food was amazing but you know but there weren't any particular highlights. Not saying it was boring but compared to what happened after, it was average :P My sister's friends are so cool ! We all went back to my house and hung out in the living room talking. Everyone was still really tired from the night before though so it was a pretty slow start with us lazing around on the couches in front of the aircon too tired and lazy to move. 
My sister's friends had prepared a slideshow for her so we all gathered in the living room after about an hour of them trying to figure it all out. It was really sweet :) We played Just Dance for a bit and man, I felt so awkward dancing in front of my sister's friends like that D: But she made me and I couldn't turn her down on her almost birthday ! At around 10, the girls minus me went into my sisters room to play around on her mac and the boys plus me were talking about anime and things were beginning to die down and we were just talking and Dhivesh was like "alright we'll leave at 10:30" But then we started talking about pokemon and digimon. And eventually, the other girls came out and we were just bringing up all the really old children's shows and trying to rememebr their theme songs and stuff! It was so fun :P I think we actually talked about every single kids show there was. Not even kidding man O_O
So that went on for a few hours and then we started doing riddles and games and puzzles like the Very Simple Game and stuff. IT was sooo much fun. And teh whole time, I was sitting next to Joel, too comofrtable and lazy to move, while he kept making the stupidest comments that made no sense. Oh good times :')


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