Failed attempts and Creative conversations

Today was the first Wednesday of year 12 since being excused from sport. Art was just before lunch and I had Thai's guitar and we were jamming while doing ou rwork. It was nice :) Seriously, our task is to work on our VAPD which is pretty much mapping the thought process of the formation of the body of work. Which basically means discuss, brainstorm and look for inspiration and I love doing that with our class cause we're all so.. I dno, we get each other (Lol so cheesy...). But seriously, there's no clashing or competition and keeping our ideas to ourselves and everyone's just really supportive and helpful :) I love it ! Honestly, and I am not even trying to be cheesy or mushy or whatever here but the thought of doing this major work that has to wow the markers freaks me out but then I think being surrounded with such creative people who are willing to help me do something that will be amazing is one of the few things that are keeping me calm at this point. Ngaw I love you guys :')
When the lunch bell went, most of the grade were just hanging around the donut quad a little lost, wondering what to do. Aw I love us :P Meanwhile, Lisa and I were gatecrashing the music rooms and making a nuisance of ourselves. Sounds just like us right? :P 
Espoir was meant to practise from lunch to the end of school but we decided to do it when sport started cause Lisa wanted a bit of chill time first. Which she used to go to the station, decide to go home, only to come back like two minutes later. Oh you indecisive child, you amuse me. When we started practising, Clement tried to teach us that weird standy thing he does but I have no upper body strength so I failed.. miserably :P We got kicked out of the dance studio and moved to the chess quad.. Why do I call it the chess quad? It's not even a quad. Whatever, it's stuck now. Anyway, we decided on a concept, a song and what we were doing and spent the rest of the time in our little world choreographing our parts. Twas semi productive ^^" 
I'm doing homework... kind of. Well I finished maths and we're doing Coordinate geometry which we did in year ten so it didn't take TOO long. It was just tedious I guess. But yes, on to bio! Even though I forgot my bio book in my locker... Man I'm glad I have  a folder with loose leaf paper. So convenient :D  Well I'm going to be productive now and leave you kids with the image of my handwriting...


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