I'm Not Okay

SO GLAD THAT THE PREFECTS ARE BACK! Rafi, Lisa and I came back from blood donations and waited outside the office for a bit to see if they'd be back at school soon but then we called Thai and Avi (neither of which picked up) until we talked to Nicholas and discovered they were just leaving but would be back before school ended. So we walked Rafi to maths in the Ag rooms (Random much?), got shunned by the 3U kids and talked to Mr Gee for a bit before going on our merry way to our room. The whole time, we kept lookin gout the door trying to see if they'd returned yet. We moved to the very front of the room so we could get a better view. FINALLY, at around 2:50, I see a bus pull up and I'm like "LISA! LISA LISA!! THEY'RE BACK OMGSH THEY'RE BACK!" So we both start going crazy and begging miss to let us out so we could say hi but she kept saying no :( The second the bell went, Lisa and I bolted outside and jumped on Mariel and Mel... Well Mariel did the jumping yknow, her being short and all ;D hehe I love you Captain Maimai :D
Seriously, I can not explain how much I missed them. Thai called me on both nights. And I teared up both times.. both while I was on the phone to maimai.. strange :P But yes, on the second night I burst into tears when I discovered Mariel was captain. But that makes me scared. I mean, I know I'm emotional and sentimental but if this is how I react when a very small portion of the grade is gone for just three days, how the heck am I meant to survive the end of year 12 huh?? I keep trying to not think about it but I can't help it, there are always constant reminders of it and gah D: I'm going to die. Honestly, I actually have no idea how I'm going to cope with it.
On another note, going back to teh blood donation thing, I couldn't give blood today. Which sucks. THe finger prick showed that my iron levels were too low so they had to get a bigger sample to check. They poked my right arm so that the left arm could still be used if my iron levels were okay for me to give blood but after poking the needle in and wiggling it around for a bit, trying to find a vein that I knew would be difficult to find (which is why they always poke my left arm), they took it out and pricked the other arm instead to get the sample. So even if my iron levels WERE okay (They're not) I wouldn't have been able to give blood anyway cause both arms had already been stabbed. Yeah.. stabbed. Make it sound more dramatic than it is.. ehe ^^" So that's my epic story. This has been a very self absorbed blog post :P I shall leave you kids to it now then :)
P.s. In case you guys noticed/cared (which I doubt), I haven't been doing the writing challenge because the next one is to handwrite your favourite quote and I'm trying to decide what that is :P That is all.


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