So lonesome

So lonely. So very very lonely. A bunch of people are having fun at prefect camp while the rest of us endure hours of school, possibly with teachers that don't teach or are boring. As Danicap and Lisa said "Even though you have faith in your faculty, we don't".Harsh I know, but I guess it all comes down to personal preferences and how we like to be taught and what teaching styles work for us. I'm so glad that I stayed in my English class. Mrs Davis is an amazing teacher and I loved our class. More than the class I have now. But I Think that's just the conservative in me talking. After a few weeks, when everything settles down, I'll probably be my normal OMGSH I LOVE MY CLASS self again and all will be well :) But for now, I feel slightly intimidated by my class? Like I don't like volunteering as much because I feel like they're all judging me. Which they probably aren't. And I'm not saying that my new classmates are bad or in any way hard to work with, I'm just not used to them yet yknow? Yes. That's right. It's not them. It's me.
Today I left school at 12 and went livo with Jimmy, Nathan, Rafi and Stephen cause we were all bored. Ate, walked around for a bit before Stephen left then we went to a music store and bought stuff. After going to Allan's music store in the city, every other store looks mediocre. I'm sorry but that place is amazing and I could spend hours in there. I wish I was more musically talented and could do more things and play more instruments :( *glares enviously at Wendy*
I need to change my blogskin. This one is too brown for my liking and there are too many different variations of it on different computers. Maybe my other ones did too but I wasn't aware of it and that makes it aaall better. But yes, I will get to that as soon as I am bothered. I also need to decide what subjects to drop because now I have 14 units. I want to drop bio but I don't want to go extension English online so I'm thinking I'll do senior science (because apparently it's moregeneral than the other sciences so hopefully that means easier?) on that line instead. Still 14 units, less effort ;D But I think that's still too many :/ Gah. What if I take up senior science on the same line as bio, have 14 units but don't care about senior because I'm only picking it up so I don't go online? Sounds like a plan! Unles they change the timetable and lines around then... :S


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