Still need to change my skin...

So annoyed right now. Well not really, I've just lost a lot of things, LIKE THAI'S BIRTHDAY LETTER AND 350GB WORTH OF STUFF ON MY HARD DRIVE! And I'm not as annoyed/upset/angry as I should be. It's a bit strange really. So the last few days have been so awesome and amazing and I love everybody! My sister arrived in Australia on Wednesday night at like 11ish as a "Birthday Surprise" but I saw it coming, yknow.. like the detective I am (H)
Okay, back to my story... Yes so Thursday I spent the night hanging out with my sisters and my not Singapore sister's boyfriend came over and we were watching home videos until around 10:30. So sleep deprived because when I stay up late on school nights, I usually nap the next day but I can't when my sister's here so yeah...
Friday was my Birthday and oh my gosh I love Hurlstone! Seriously, you guys are an amazing group of people and you made me so happy for the entire day with the endless Birthday songs in practically every class I went to, the mango birthday cake at recess (even though I was distracted by the pick punch) and all the hugs :) Thank you Jimmy for the Hitsugaya poster, Thommo, Rafi and Kabir for the pick punch, Nathan for the awesome Hogwarts style letter :D, Kabri and Rafi for the purple card that got me teary and Thai for your letter WHICH I WILL REWRITE FROM WHAT I REMEMBER. There's an upside to trying to decipher a code; you memorise most of it :P
Dinner with some of my nearest and dearest friends, Avi, Nick, Monica, Raelene, Luke, Lisa, Amy, Melanie, Lani and Mariel (that's in the order they were sitting in) at TK something and a movie with my sisters, Raelene and my sisters friends. It was an amazing night with Patrick the waiter who kept hitting on Raelene (;P), Nick's lostiness, Nick and me picking on Avi, Raelene being antisocial (jokes, she's so charming O_O) and general good company :) My sister's friends were there too cause it was like.. a joint birthday dinner because her birthday is four days after mine and I love her friends. One of her best friends reminds me of Avi and when I introduced them to each other, I felt like I was seeing double. hehe :P Thank you Ukel for the awesome birthday card :D I loved it! and Maimai for the really long letter. Omgsh I read them both in the car on the way to the cinema and started crying. Good thing it was dark 8)
Went to watch Paranormal Activity 3 afterwards. Nick and Lisa couldn't make it :( And I really wanted Nick to come cause he's funny in scary movies :P It was okay. Like the scary to not scary ratio was a bit crap but the last 20 minutes or so were pretty good. I was sitting next to Arnie and he kept laughing at everyone else's reaction. Love that coping mechanism... After the movie, we all went back to my house and talked for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages until my sister's friends left at like 1am and Raelene slept over. Except, my sisters were scared to sleep alone so we all slept in my room on the big ass bed. Man.. four people in one bed. I was comfortable :P But apparently I move a lot in my sleep and my sister and Raelene barely slept.. ehe . oops :$
All in all, my birthday was amazing thanks to all you lovely people. And yes, I have noticed that I've used the word "amazing" so many times in this blog post, but I really don't know how else to describe it. It was an incredible day and night and I have you guys to thank for it :) Until next time !


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