Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life

Walking into school this morning was a tad daunting. I didn't know what to expect or how things would change for us but really, the only real recognition of our progression into year 12 was Mr Whats his face (..the cool ag teacher that isn't McCord) walking past a group of us saying "Gee, I thought the year 12s couldn't get any [insert insult here that I didn't quite catch. I think it was uglier?]" or something like that. We all just stood awkwardly not knowing how to react :P Nice going Mr whats his face...
Getting results back and not caring about them is a good feeling :) I did terribly in English and Chem but I wasn't expecting to do well because by the time yearlies came around, I was over it and didn't even study :P So meh. I'm happy with art though :D 42/50 (H) OKAY SO TO YOU GUYS THAT MIGHT BE AVERAGE BUT IM HAPPY WITH IT OKAY? Speaking of art, we were talkingabotu the body of works and stuff and Mrs Coombes goes "In one of my year 12 classes, half of them were on anti depressants and the other half were on anti anxiety pills... but there's nothing to stress about". REAL COMFORTING. Seriously hyperventilated or something man :P Oh and we found out that only abotu five year tens decided to continue art for their senior years and rather than dropping the class altogether, Mrs Ross and Mrs Coombes decided to merge the senior classes for theory. Noooooooooooooo I have my reasons for being reluctant. One of which is I love our class and we have our own methods and I'm a conservative who doesn't like change >=(Yeah... that's going to get me far in life 8) 
Moving on... lol I timed the handwriting challenge post so that it would be finished by the time school started but I didn't blog enough Oops.... (Sorry for the poor quality, I took the photo with my webcam cause I'm too lazy to get up and I have really unsteady hands :P) 


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